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How to get started

How to get started ...

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Assessment and Program Design     $150    (75 mins)
With Jean Sullivan, director and Master Trainer, you can have a postural assessment and movement screening to get a clear picture of your physical condition and pinpoint your goals. Jean will write up a comprehensive program design for our team of instructors to follow and get you started in Pilates or GYROTONIC®.

Welcome Package     $350     (4 privates of 55 mins each)
$40 Savings!
This special offer for our new clients gives you the benefits of working with a private trainer without jumping into a long term commitment. You'll enjoy the personalized workouts focusing on areas where you need it most and a chance to decide if Pilates or GYROTONIC® is right for you. Explore both techniques or focus all your sessions in one style.

ABOW Oasis Package    $485    (5 Pilates or GYROTONIC® private sessions plus your choice of a Bodywork or Functional Fitness session) $80 Savings!
With your first package of 5 privates we'll treat you to an additional session of your choice! Try one of our massage therapists or explore the benefits of a Functional Fitness session. Plan to enjoy a massage after your workout or spice up your routine with new exercises in the Fitness studio. It's easy to combine services at the studio!

Group Class Intro Package     $380     (4 Pilates privates and 4 Pilates group equipment classes) $60 Savings!
For students who are most interested in moving onto group classes, this is the package for you! Start with 4 private sessions to learn the fundamentals of Pilates or GYROTONIC® or fine tune your current level of practice, while receiving instruction on how to safely adjust the equipment for your body. You'll be ready move into any group class with confidence!

New clients - Please call the studio to book your first appointment. 415-561-3991

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