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Student Comments



"I love the training so far! It has been just amazing." – Hilary S.

"I wish to thank you for the fine education I received through your ITT Pilates Mat Training Program! I am totally pleased in all aspects!!"
– Jessica M.

"I just want you to know how much I enjoyed going through the program and how much I've learned. I really think it has enhanced my teaching. You have a very thorough approach"
– Pam H.

"I really enjoyed learning at ITT and appreciate the time everyone at A Body of Work put into helping us learn." – Kinh O.



"There are so many teaching programs around these days and the reason I chose this one is because I believe we truly are learning the right way to help people.– Kinh O.

"This program is rooted in the foundations of anatomy and the teachers are so knowledgeable" – Kinh O.

"I learned so much about myself, was challenged, and saw the magical presence that a dedication to Pilates and a certain mindset can have. Everyone at the studio embodies that .....it's graceful and quite beautiful" – Maria V.

"Thank you very much for the feedback and the wonderful course! I really enjoyed delving into this material and look forward to continuing in the practice"
– Alia Z.



"In the extremely thorough and detailed classes, Jean discusses anatomy, assessments, correctives, patterns we can expect to see in clients, and training strategies/sequences." – Rose T.

"I am able to immediately return to my clients with the knowledge I need to assess and correct their dysfunction and guide healthy movement patterns." – Rose T.

"Being able to help my clients out of pain and allow them to participate in the activities they enjoy is why I work in this field; it's only because of the exceptional training I've been given that I am able to do this" – Rose T.

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