A Body of Work
A Body of Work, Pilates Studio : cultivating body wisdom through movement Mission
Our Mission

At A BODY OF WORK, we believe in FITNESS FOR LIFE - the ability to meet any physical demand with ease and grace throughout your life.

A Body of Work is a collective group of highly qualified practitioners with years of experience and professional training to keep you motivated.

We design personalized programs for each individual. Whether your interest is in fitness, sports training, core strength, flexibility, posture, balance, injury prevention or recovery we'll create a complete program of Movement Training and Bodywork to help you achieve your goals.

A BODY OF WORK is an oasis of health, fitness and inspiration for people of all ages and abilities.

A Body of Work

With the aim to make all your visits to our studio enjoyable and fruitful, we ask that you:

  • Not wear scented lotions or fragrances
  • Leave your pets at home or outside the studio
  • Take off your shoes before you enter the workout studios
  • Turn off your cell phone and let your mind relax
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