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ITT Pilates stands for Integrated Teacher Training in the Pilates Method. We provide a comprehensive Pilates certificate program using the exercises developed by Joseph Pilates to understand and appreciate movement with sound biomechanics.

  • Taught by four leading ITT Pilates Educators: Jean Sullivan, Margaret Tappan, Ashley Beldon, and Fran Sholly
  • Learn the underlying principles of Pilates with in-depth anatomy
  • Learn to design programs for individual needs
  • Become a part of the ITT Pilates community dedicated to your continuous growth as a Pilates instructor

Our philosophy is to teach the underlying principles and goals of each exercise with a thorough understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, giving students a solid foundation on which to build.

This program is for people interested in learning an integrative approach to corrective exercise. We teach you the skills and tools to help your clients reach their potential for a healthy body.

The ITT Pilates Founders:

ITT Pilates was founded in 2003 by four Pilates Master Trainers - Jean Sullivan, Madeline Black, Joerg Chabowski, and Debra Schubert.

Our desire was to build a Pilates Certificate Program that would provide students with a solid core of knowledge, tools to become an excellent instructor, and wisdom from our professional experience. With our decades of expertise in this field, we are proud to call our program the leading Pilates Teacher Training Program in the U.S.

If you want to register for or find out more information about any of the ITT Pilates workshops then please call A Body of Work at 415-561-3991 or send us an email.

*Special ITT Pilates student package for meeting your Comprehensive prerequisites - 10 privates for $550 or single sessions for $60. Call the studio to sign up.

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