A Body of Work
A Body of Work, Pilates Studio : cultivating body wisdom through movement Gyrotonic
Experience the Freedom and Joy of a GYROTONIC® Workout
  • Extends your range of motion in all joints and muscles
  • Strengthens while stretching your body in all planes
  • Weight resistance exercise using breath, rhythm
    and dynamic flow
  • Improves coordination and balance for all athletic sports
  • Joyful freedom in circular, spiral, and undulating

The GYROTONIC® Expansion System is an innovative new exercise
system which perfectly complements Pilates, Functional Fitness, Yoga
and other styles of training.

The GYROTONIC® Expansion System works the body in three dimensions
simultaneously. Joints, connective tissue, and muscles are stretched and strengthened
from all sides to become more responsive to the movement demands of your daily life and sports.

Feels like “swimming in air” – movements originate in the spine and direct energy outward in circular, spiraling and undulating sequences.

A Body of Work

GYROTONIC® Exercises are performed on specialized equipment built with adjustable friction and weight resistance. Tying in elements from Tai Chi, gymnastics and swimming, you will get a well rounded workout with a rhythmic component which energizes the nervous system and increases overall wellness.

GYROKINESIS® is a form of the GYROTONIC® system performed without equipment in a group class. This class taps into the body's kinesthetic awareness and moves you through invigorating movement sequences. Initiating from the spine into spiraling movement through the entire body you will feel the heat as you work fluidly through a full body workout. Exercises are performed seated on low stools, on the floor, and standing.

Learn more about it’s creator, Juliu Horvath

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