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Frequently Asked Questions
Can this make me stronger?

Can I really get results immediately?

Can Pilates, GYROTONIC® or Functional Fitness Training
help my posture?

How can "core strength" and "good posture" help my bad knee
or shoulder problem?

Will this make me lose weight?

I'm uncoordinated. Is this really for me?

Why don't I hear about as many people doing Pilates or GYROTONIC® as yoga?

Why not take the Pilates class at my gym?

Private Sessions are expensive. Is it really worth the money?

Why should I do a Personalized Assessment and Program Design?

Where should I start? in Pilates, GYROTONIC® or Functional Fitness Training?

Should I see the same instructor for all my sessions?

How many times a week should I do it?

What if I can't afford to come more than once a week?

What should I wear?

What if I need to cancel?

Can I get a refund?


A Body of Work
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A Body of Work
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