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Continuing Education

2016 ITT Pilates Continuing Education at ABOW

We have several ways for Pilates Instructors to advance their knowledge and teaching skills.


bullet Online Training Videos

Our ITT Pilates instructional videos are designed to enhance our students learning process while going through an ITT Pilates Teacher Training program.

We also offer links to videos Jean Sullivan has created for online training sites. [more about Jean]

Find the available videos here.

bullet ITT Pilates Rehab Training

New! Launching in Fall 2016

This training is for advanced ITT Pilates graduates who have been working with private clients for 2 or more years. Each segment is a series of 3 single day workshops over a span of 3 months. Students commit to all 3 workshops in the series and enjoy an intimate training experience.

Our first Rehab Training segment is being presented by Jean-Claude West. Jean-Claude is a highly respected and sought-after Master Teacher and practitioner for his skills in joint mechanics, release and motor control.

  • 3D Approach to Key Relationships between the Thorax and the Pelvis.

bullet Master Level Workshops

A series of in-depth 1 and 2- day workshops to lead your teaching to the next level. Workshops are taught by Master Trainer and ITT Pilates Founder, Jean Sullivan. Jean presents assessment techniques, hands-on corrective techniques, exercise programs and how to effectively work with different populations in each workshop.

  • Advanced Assessment and Program Design
  • Cervical, Thoracic and Shoulder Joint Function: Mobility & Stability
  • Floating the Pelvis and Finding Your Roots
  • Pilates for Athletes
  • Pilates Progressions to help your Gym Workouts
  • Pilates-based Functional Training for the 5th Decade and Beyond
  • Release & Balance the Shoulder Girdle
  • Sacrum, Lumbar & Pelvic Harmony
  • The Foot to Hip Connection


bullet Advanced Movement Series

Taught by ITT Pilates Master Trainers

  • Advanced Reformer and Cadillac exercises with Margaret Tappan
  • Advanced Chair workouts with Margaret Tappan
  • Enhanced Skills for Teaching Mat with Ashley Beldon
  • Stretch and Release on the Foam Roller with Ashley Beldon


bullet Mentoring Program

The Mentoring program is a training program where you have the opportunity to study one-on-one with Master Pilates Trainer and ITT Pilates founder, Jean Sullivan.

This program is a commitment from both the student and Jean to help you identify where you need assistance in your Pilates instruction with clients. You have a choice of bringing in a client you currently work with and have Jean teach that client, with your observation. Or you may choose to bring in your client and have Jean guide you in teaching specific exercises, problem solving, cueing, and designing a program for that individual.

Each Mentoring session is 1.5 hours. It is recommended that you have your client pay a portion of the session, whatever you are comfortable with, on a scale of $60-$90.

Fee: $180 per 1.5 hour session.


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